The Pills

Brad and Lilli were college students working on their graduate degree project at the local college. They were both mostly average in looks. She was a nerdy type woman with a beautiful face but somewhat flat-chested. He had done some minor sports (rowing, track) but wasn't focused so much on keeping in shape now as he was getting his grant approved. Their joint project involved research into compounds that might stop breast cancer in mice.

One day they noticed that one of the formulas that they are testing had an unusual effect on the female mice they had in isolation. Their breasts grew larger for each day they were given a certain compound. The results were unexpected so they decided that the experiment needed to be repeated. With a new, independent set of mice, the outcome was confirmed.

In shared moment of epiphany, the two lab partners looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. It was a total breach of scientific etiquette and ethics. But they had to know. What effect might it have on humans? Specifically, the female lab partner Lilli. They were scientists so they were going to find out.

Calculating the differences in body mass, they made a best-guess estimate on what an equivalent human dose might be. Then they created three series of pills: six with 50% less than optimal (series A), six with their exact amount (series B) and six with 50% more (series C). They labeled the bottles and took them back to her apartment.

At her apartment, they recorded a complete series of body measurements: height, weight, breast size and so forth. He assisted her with the tape measure which, of course, required her to be topless. While their relationship had always been "strictly business," she had always secretly liked him and wished that he had paid more attention to her. Now that she was half-naked with him alone in her apartment, she started to feel a little bit turned on. But first there was science and their experiment to perform, so she kept her thoughts to herself and focused.

For the sake of science, there was one last thing that they had to do. Brad instructed her to pull off her jeans so she stood only in her panties. Then he video recorded her slowly spinning around with his cell phone. It was somewhat embarrassing but necessary.

After everything was recorded, she put her clothes back on and downed one of the low-dose series A pills. They waited for half an hour with the phone in hand in case she had a bad reaction. There wasn't. Lilli said that felt completely normal. Being a Friday afternoon, they decided that they couldn't just sit around and wait. Why not go out and get a bite to eat? She was, after all, getting hungry.

They went back to the campus to get some quick and easy food. He felt that something was working in that he had never seen a woman eat so much. She downed three hamburgers as she kept going back for more. They sat and talked throughout the meal and he realized that she was being a little flirty with him. Actually he didn't mind at all. He always thought that she had a pretty face and spent too much time trying to hide her beauty. He had no trouble flirting back. After talking, wandering the campus and checking in on their mice, it was getting dark outside so they headed back to her apartment to see if they could measure any differences.

Once they got inside, it didn't take long for her to pull off her top. She couldn't wait to see if there was any measurable difference and she felt far less inhibited than just a few hours ago. With a smile on his face, he checked her chest size. A gain of three inches in circumference. Dropping the tape measure he kissed her. She kissed him back. Hard. In no time they were in the bedroom making passionate love with one another.

Early in the morning she woke him. She needed to know if there was any additional growth overnight. He found the tape measure and wrapped it around her. Still three inches. So they learned two things: the formula worked and it takes about six hours or less to do it's job. She grabbed the bottle with the proportional series B doses. Before he could say anything, she popped one in her mouth and swallowed. She smiled, he shrugged and they made breakfast. Then they took a shower together. (They had some great shower sex.) All that activity took a couple of hours. During that time he kept a close eye on her for side-effects. Outside of just being giddy (which was understandable), she seemed normal enough. However, he did notice that the t-shirt she slipped on in the morning was definitely getting tighter. It had been only three hours but they decided it was time for more measurements.

She was no longer shy at all around him so she stripped completely. Standing naked before him, he realized that her body had certainly been changing. She was visibly leaner than before. Her waist seemed narrower and her breasts were larger. And, most importantly, she seemed to just glow. Measurements confirmed the physical changes. They looked deeply into each other's eyes with glee and amazement. What they had discovered was incredible. They were going to revolutionize the plastic surgery industry. One little pill can transform a woman overnight!

In their excitement, they threw themselves at each other yet again. Brad could barely keep up with her. She was insatiable. He was a bit worn out from all their activity starting the night before. He did his best and got her to climax before he did. But he was spent. Unbelievably, as they laid together she pulled a vibrator out from the bedside table and played with herself as she kissed him. Eventually she climaxed enough times that she fell asleep.

Brad decided that, as much as he enjoyed this, he had to get some fresh clothes and check on the mice. He quietly dressed, wrote a note, grabbed her keys and let himself out of her apartment, locking the door behind him.

He went over to his place and changed clothes, taking more shirts, socks and underwear with him in a backpack. Then, as he was walking over to the lab, he realized that they had never seen what happened when male mice were introduced to the females. Lilli would probably be asleep for at least a few more hours anyway so he had time.

Brad checked into the lab and found his experiments in good order. His females on the special formula were mostly just lazing about. Going to the control group cages, he selected an unaltered male and placed it in an isolation cage with one of his special females. Immediately the female perked up and made his way over to the male. Within seconds, the female initiated sex with the male, again and again. This, he thought, could be a problem for the marketing of this new drug for humans as Lilli was starting to act this way. He had to check in on her immediately.

Thinking that she might be hungry, Brad stopped on the way and bought half a dozen hamburgers. He knew what that pill could do to her. Once at her apartment, he knocked and then let himself in, leaving his backpack by the door.

He found her lying on the couch, naked, playing with herself. She saw the bag of hamburgers and leapt on them, wolfing them down. He looked her over. She now looked more like a Barbie doll than a woman. He found the series C bottle, now empty, in the kitchen. Nearby the A and B bottles were empty too. What had they done?

As he stood contemplating what had happened, Lilli wandered over. She was incredibly beautiful now with an amazing hourglass figure, even if the breasts were extraordinarily large. She burped, licked his face and laughed. Then she jumped on top of him piggy-back. He carried her back to the bedroom where they fucked and fucked and fucked.


Six months later, Brad and Lilli were married and lived in luxury. Brad never got - or attempted to get - FDA approval for his new drug. Instead, he focused on overseas buyers in countries with less, shall we say, oversight. His before-and-after videos of Lilli made his line of female enhancement medication made him a very wealthy man. Lilli had to be kept at home due to her incredible appetite for sex. Not that he was complaining - he just wanted her all for himself. With all those raging hormones she never seemed to notice that her kept her locked in the mansion. He wondered if some day she would ever come off the crest of that wave. Until and if that day came, they were two of the happiest people in the world.

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