Who Is The Captive?

Pulling the medium-sized piece of luggage behind me, I navigated through the apartment complex. It was made of shiny aluminum on the outside. There was an extendable handle for easy movement and soft, quiet rubber wheels on the bottom so it could be pulled without much effort or noise.

I stopped in front of unit 173A. Reaching in my pocket, I pulled out the door key. It had been mailed to me by Emma earlier in the week. I had been here before; but today we had planned something special. Our should I say she. While I did all the grunt work, actually today was mostly her plan. I was just the lucky guy who gets to be part of it.

Opening the door, I stepped inside and pulled the luggage i behind me. I closed and locked the door. No unplanned interruptions now!

"Emma," I called out, "are you home?"

"I’m in the kitchen!" I heard her call back. I walked down the short hallway and took a left. There she was: naked, hogtied and wearing a chastity belt on the kitchen island with some kind of box with wires attached to the back. She was grinning.

"I was starting to get worried about you," she said. Nodding toward the cellphone on the counter, she said "I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to use my emergency escape plan and try to explain what happened!"

I laughed. Scooping up the cellphone, I put it in my pocket. Looking around I asked "where’s the key for the belt? Eventually we’ll need that, you know."

"Top drawer to the left of the microwave. In the envelope." She gasped out the last few words. Obviously the vibrator timer had gone off, giving her a jolt of pleasure. Her body had a sweaty glow. I opened the drawer and spotted the envelope. Inside I could feel a key. I folded the envelope up and put it in my pocket next to her cell phone.

"So, how long have you been hooked up like this?" I asked.

"I think it’s been about an hour and a half," she panted. "It’s hard to tell without a good view of the clock on the microwave."

Clearly she was having too much fun, so I decided it was my time to start. I pulled in the silver case and cracked it open on the floor. Inside were some belts, locks, a gas mask and some other hardware. It was time to change things up a little. Granted, she had done a nice job getting herself into the hogtie. Rope around the ankles with a loop backward for attachment to the wrists. Zip ties on both wrists with a third zip tied that brought the wrists and ankle loop together. There really was no chance of escape but it was hard on her delicate flesh. Since we were going more time, care needed to be taken not to cause any permanent damage.

Taking a couple of belts, I wrapped one and then the other over her ankles and upper thighs creating a nice frogtie. Then I untied the ankles and undid the wrist loop. She wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

"Are you ready?" I asked. She silently nodded. Of course she was ready. For months she’s been stretching and manipulating her shoulders so her elbows would come together easily and could stay that way for hours. Reusing the ankle rope, I tightly tied her arms together above the elbows. With the excess length I wrapped it up around one shoulder, ran it behind her neck and back down around the other shoulder to the elbow tie, then back up to the length behind her neck. Pulling that back down I tied a nice knot. Stepping back I admired my work.

"How’s that?" I asked.

"Wow, that’s snug" she said. Apparently the vibrator had cycled off while I was working and had been paying more attention. "I can’t move at all. Nice work!"

Next I slid the wrist ties upward to get better access to her wrists. I pulled a very wide belt and some wire cutters out of my bag. Positioning the belt on her arms partially over her wrists and hands, I halfway tightened it. Then I removed the zip ties with the wire cutters. I slid the wrist belt upward so it covered her wrists and some of her forearms. I tightened it fully. The effect was to immobilize her arms completely without cutting off any circulation.

Again I asked, "Comfy?"

"Hell yeah," she said. "I can’t move an inch. Awesome job." She had a very big smile on her face.

Taking a break, I couldn’t help but step back and appreciate what had happened. Here I was, in the apartment of this really cute girl I met on the Internet who is totally into long-term bondage. Somehow she picked me to be her play partner. And now, here I was with her voluntarily hogtied on her own kitchen island. I had such a woodie at the moment.

"Come on loverboy, let’s get on with it," she said, breaking me out of my daze. I rolled her on her side and massaged her breasts for a moment. I gave her a long and deep kiss. I felt like ripping that belt off and taking her now. But she was looking at me humorlessly now.

"Obviously you can read my mind. Or perhaps you can see the bulge in my pants. You’re killing me right now," I said.

"Stick with the plan," her said quietly. "You’ve got me for as long as you want me. Remember that." Of course, she was right.

The inside of the case was lined with heavy foam padding that was perfectly shaped in the form of a frogtied Emma. There was just a couple of things left to do. First, I grabbed some tape and the signaling device from the case. I put the device between her hands and then wrapped them together. No too tightly but tight enough that her hands were useless. I pulled the receiver from my pocket. "Give me a click" I said.

She squeezed her palms together and I got a flash on my receiver. The signals were easy. While I had her in the case, I would knock twice on the outside and she would click once to let me know she heard me. Also, at any time she felt the urge, she would always give me a click. That was reassuring to me that she was still doing okay. Two rapid clicks indicated that she was getting tired, in pain or otherwise nearing the end of her tolerance for her predicament. Three clicks was an emergency and I needed to get to her asap.

Having got the signaling device set, the next phase was the gas mask. Not that it was some fetish thing. It just seemed to be the easiest way to guarantee fresh air. Initially we thought perhaps a snorkel or a hose might do the job. But they didn’t provide a very good seal and weren’t very reliable. So a gas mask it was.

I loosened the straps and put it over her face. Then, working my way around her head, I gently tightening every strap until it fit snugly. Looking at her through the glass she looked okay. I tapped twice on her head and she clicked once. So that was settled.

The final assembly step was to get her into the bag. While that sounds easy, it’s actually a scary moment. I’ve got to safely transfer a 130 pounds of tightly tied woman from a kitchen counter down to a ground-level case. Fortunately we figured that one out as well. We had created a special handle that attaches beneath the elbow tie on one end and into the ankle belts on the other. I snapped it in and latched it. Giving it a little left upward with both hands, I was able to get her off the counter without falling. Seeing that it worked, I lifted her up again and swung her off the island and down into the silver case. Of course, I was off a little bit. I straddled her and lifted again, lowering her perfectly this time into the indent for her body. Moving quickly, I snapped the hoses in the case to the right and left sides of her gas mask. Tapping twice on her head, she clicked once. Perfect.

I stood up and stretched for a moment. While I worked out specifically for this task, there was still a lot riding on my ability to complete that move safely. Going back down on one knee, I unlatched the transfer handle and snapped it into its slot in the side of the case. Going to the box of electronics attached to the back of her chastity belt, I turned it all the way up and flipped the setting to continous. Even though she was pretty well unable to move at all, I still saw her body shudder. She’s going to have one hell of a trip!

Sliding back to the other end of the case, I folded the top slowly over her, making sure that her feet were in position. Then I went around and snapped the eight latches all around the edges. I tapped twice on the case. I got a flash on the receiver. So then I took the locks - all keyed the same - and locked one on each of the latches. She was absolutely, completely, entirely in my hands now. I tipped the case up into the vertical position for wheeling around. I pulled up the handle but let it sit for a moment. Getting the kitchen towel off the front of the stove, I wiped down the island and threw away the used zip ties into the trash. I turned off all the lights and wheeled the case out the front door. I locked the front door. Trying to be as cool as possible, I took my time rolling my precious case to my van for the trip home. What a week it’s going to be!

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